01 Nov 2018

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  1. Good evening. Your product says that it’s anti bacterial and anti-viral.
    Has that been proved by the WOH OR CDC

    1. Hi Pranitha,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      The Perfect Aire product has been on the market since 2005, the Microbeshield solution was specifically formulated to kill airborne and surface viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi. (All during the Hon Kong SARS Virus)

      The Microbeshield was tested by independent Laboratories and SABS, these reports are available on request and you are welcome to submit them to WOH and CDC for a second opinion.

      Kindly request the reports for shop@mquip.co.za

      The product is used in some private hospitals maternity, children’s wards, doctor’s rooms to sanitise and keep the area virus and bacteria free.

      At Med Quip, as a distributor, we take great pride in only supplying top products with a proven track record, we supply Pharmacies with the products for years and both Pharmacist’s and Doctors recommend the product to patients to assist in treatment of several ailments.

      Should you need more information or help in this regard, feel free to contact me at the office or on my Cell, we are approved essential goods suppliers and we are available as per normal to assist in any way we can.

      Kind regards,
      Human Nel
      Cell: 081 762 3279
      Tel: 031-311 1186

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